Case Study

Case Study

  Case Study Model Product

A long-established trading company that deals in 1,300 tons of steel products every month.

Profitability has increased through the improvement of material yield and reduction of labor.

Special Steel

Aiming at solution proposal type firm super precision mold expert

Utilizing high precision forming grinder “MEISTER” for mirror finish surface grinding of high hardness materials

Die/Mold Parts

Team of professionals aiming at nano-processing

Utilizing 20 GLS profile grinders, they can finish grind complicated forms very accurately


Structural steel process and anti-seismic reinforcement of schools are two major pillars

New Three Axes Drilling Machine “3DH-1000III” demonstrates its power for growing structural steel processing

H-shaped steel

Automation and off-line set-up enhanced machine operation rate significantly

Productivity in primary processing of structural steel has been improved by more than double by “3BC-300”

Shaped steel

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