Grinding Machines

AMADA MACHINE TOOLS is a manufacturer of profile grinders, surface & form grinders and surface grinders. Since 1941, starting with profile grinders, AMADA has evolved into a total solution provider for manufacturers. Highlighted by leadership in high speed reciprocation grinding, AMADA MACHINE TOOLS offers evolving technology for “automation”, “higher accuracy” and “higher efficiency” based on the state-of-the-art digital technology. This combined with AMADA MACHINE TOOLS' long standing grinding know how, embraces the increasingly demanding grinding requirements for high quality finish of precision die mold parts and special tools.

AMADA MACHINE TOOLS' software technology fully compliment our superior grinders. User-friendly software facilitates all grinding processes. Our proprietary full automatic programming system automatically programs grinding processes from rough grinding through finishing.

A wide array of AMADA MACHINE TOOLS' accessories is available for users, such as an on machine measurement system for higher productivity and increased shape accuracy, dressing systems and work loading systems. We are continuously providing automated solutions to support customers in solving problems and achieving objectives with AMADA MACHINE TOOLS total grinding solutions.

AMADA MACHINE TOOLS’ advanced technology supports higher usability

1.Optimum balance machine that supports high reciprocating grinding

As a pioneer in high reciprocating grinding processing, we have brought to reality a superb dynamic balance between machine and grindstone condition. AMADA MACHINE TOOLS’ grinder fulfills highest processing demands.

2.High quality grinding surface that exceeds specifications

The accuracy of the grinding and processing surface cannot be represented by Rz only. AMADA MACHINE TOOLS’ mark-less and sharp edge mirror grinding is realized.

3.Reliable high rigidity technology achieved by three-dimensional design

The form of the machine has been developed by advanced three-dimensional design. The machine structure has been finalized through a series of demonstration tests to create high-dimensional rigidity.

4.“Mastery skills” are evolved into software

Each model has dedicated software enabling excellent grinding processing technology that supports accurate, efficient grinding processing.

5.From “surface grinding”, “molding” to “profile”

Total grinding system is realized by WAPS, WAPS is offered only by AMADA MACHINE TOOLS. It realizes networking of each processing program from rough processing to finishing processing.

6.Original Image measurement technology

High quality work piece processing is fully automated by profile measuring on equipment using the CCD camera. Moreover, the touch probe type automatic measuring equipment is also available.

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