• Multiprocess center MX-150

Multiprocess center




Integrated process of finish machining by grinding

  • The machine enclosure and way covers are designed with the grinding function in mind. This improves machine reliability and operator safety by keeping the cutting fluids contained within the machining area.
  • Cutting fluid filter system designed exclusively for grinding (optional).
    The magnetic separator and the cyclone filter remove sludge and wheel grit.
  • In-machine rotary dresser (optional)
    Grinding using a vitrified grinding wheel is possible.
  • Cutting fluid filter system (optional)
    Cutting fluid filter system (optional)

High functionality for machining a wide variety of workpieces

  • Five-axis of motion can be performed with a higher level of accuracy thanks to a pivot independent structure that prevents incremental positioning errors from the pivot point.
  • Very high machining accuracy is achieved by a design concept equivalent to that of a grinding machine.
    Positioning accuracy: Linear axis ±1 μm or less, Rotary axis ±2” or less.
  • Provided with a 42000 RPM, 15 kW spindle, the MX-150 is capable of supporting a wide range of machining operations, from the machining of hard-to-machine materials to micromachining using small-diameter tools.
  • The MX-150 combines 5-axis milling, turn milling, and grinding functions in a single unit.
  • Pivot independent structure
    Pivot independent structure
  • Mold part (SKD11)<br />High-accuracy 5-axis machining
    Mold part (SKD11)
    High-accuracy 5-axis machining
Mold part (SKD11)High-accuracy 5-axis machining

Mold part (SKD11)
High-accuracy 5-axis machining

Artificial bone (titanium)Machining difficult to cut materials

Artificial bone (titanium)
Machining difficult to cut materials

Mold part (cemented carbide)Grinding

Mold part (cemented carbide)

Turn milling

  • Workpiece can be machined at high speed by turning both workpiece and the tool.
  • Intermittent cutting provides a cooling effect and consequently improves tool life.
  • Turn milling
    Turn milling



Workpiece size Largest workpiece (mm) * φ150×200
Maximum mass (kg) 10
Control axis Travel X/Y/Z(mm) 350/300/400
A/B(°) 360/-100~10
Maximum feed rate X/Y/Z(mm) 40000
A/B(min-1) 1000/55
Minimum setting unit (mm/°) 0.0001
Tool spindle Maximum spindle speed (min-1) 42000
Maximum output (kW) 15
Torque (Nm) 6
Tool interface HSK-E40
ATC Number of tools stored 20(Optional: 60)
Maximum tool length (mm) 150
Maximum tool diameter (mm) φ50
Others NC unit FANUC 31iB
Required power supply AC200/220V ±10%-15%
3-phase 50/60Hz ±1Hz
Power requirement (kVA) 51
Machine dimensions (W x L x H) (mm) 2200 x 2900 x 2060
Mass of machine (kg) 5000

* The maximum workpiece size includes the jig.

These specifications and machinery and equipment appearance are subject to change without notice for reason of improvement.
This products is for Japan domestic market.

  • Multiprocess center MX-150

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