Band Saw Machine for Small Structural Steel




Improving productivity

  • Featuring a Post type design. With this high rigidity design, high speed and high precision cutting can be achieved.
  • When cutting is finished, the saw automatically stops thanks to the Descent End Detecting system. Regardless of the size of the work piece, efficiency is improved.
  • Improving productivity

Prolonged blade life

  • As a standard feature, there is a top clamp which further stabilizes the work material. This reduces chatter and extends blade life.
  • Prolonged blade life

Easy-to-use centralized operation panel

  • The centralized operator panel contains all the operational switches needed in one convenient location. Open and close of vise, feeding material, turning angle, making a slit, etc. can be all performed on the operation panel.
  • Easy-to-use centralized operation panel

Easy miter angle setting

  • Using a simple button, the operator can set the miter angle. Angle position is easy to read with digital display, minimizing operation errors.
  • Easy miter angle setting

Loading / unloading has been made easier

  • From the operator panel, the operator can move the material via the electrically-driven roller system.
  • Loading / unloading has been made easier



Cutting capacity
Rectangle 650 x 420
45° Rectangle 410 x 420
Blade size (W x T x L) (mm) 41 x 1.3 x 5450
Blade speed (m/min) 20 - 80 (Inverter variable speed)
Clamp width capacity (mm) 100 - 650
Angle cutting: Miter cut of 45° 40 - 410
Motor (kW) Saw blade 3.7
Hydraulic pump 1.5
Coolant pump 0.09
Wire brush 0.09
Turning 0.2
Lift roller 0.2 x 2
Table height (mm) 730
Allowable load (Mass of work) (kg) 3500
Power requirement (kVA) 8
Machine dimensions (W x L x H) (mm) 2800 x 2123 x 2306
Mass of machine (kg) 3700

These specifications and machinery and equipment appearance are subject to change without notice for reason of improvement.
This products is for Japan domestic market.

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