High accuracy three axes CNC fully automatic drilling machine
for H-Shape structural steel





High Speed, High Accuracy Automatic Drilling

  • Double Gripper Feeder Unit
    A double gripper index system is employed for feed and retract movements. From the start of processing to the end, one of the grippers is always clamping the material, thereby ensuring positioning accuracy of +/- 0.5 mm over a 13 m feed.
  • Automatic Work Edge Surface Detection
    No need for manual positioning of the work. High accuracy positioning is possible with the Auto-Start function which automatically detects the edge of the material.
  • Marking
    The drill can also be used to mark locations on the part for further processing. With a simple numeric input, marks can be made for: cuts, diagonal cuts and sleeve holes for welding.
  • Web Support Unit (Optional)
    By supporting the webbing of thin wall material with two supports, stable and accurate drilling is achieved.
  • Double Gripper Feeder Unit and Web Support Unit
    Double Gripper Feeder Unit
    and Web Support Unit
  • Automatic Work Edge Surface Detection
    Automatic Work Edge Surface Detection
  • Marking

Improvement In Working Environment

  • Full Enclosure Cover
    The full enclosure contains the flying chips keeping workers safe and the work area clean.
  • Clean Mist Cutting Method
    A Clean Mist coolant system is utilized which is better for the environment and reduces the amount of post process work.
  • Clean Mist Nozzle
    Clean Mist Nozzle



Processing capacity H-shape steel (mm) 148 x 75 - 1000 x 500 (Flange plate thickness: 5 - 55)
Channel (mm) 150 x 75 - 380 x 100
Hole diameter (mm) V axis φ14.0 - φ40.0
R/L axis φ14.0 - φ32.0
Minimum processing length (mm) 550Note 1)
Spindle unit Number of axes 3-axis (V, R, and L)
Maximum spindle speed (min-1) 570
Motor Gripper axis(kW) 3 (AC servo moter)
V axis (kW) 0.3 (AC servo moter)
R/L axis (kW) 0.6 for both (AC servo moter)
Spindle (kW) 3.7 (3 units)
Hydraulic unit (kW) 2.2 (1 unit), 1.5 (1 unit)
Set air pressure (MPa) 0.5
Power requirement (kVA) 27.0
Machine dimensions (W x L x H) (mm) 3580 x 2899 x 3109
(Main unit only)
Mass of machine (kg) 8300 (Main unit only)

Note 1) For material that is 550 mm or larger but less than 1900 mm, short-length material work setting will be required.

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