H-shape Steel NC 6 Axis High speed Drilling Machine


This high speed drilling machine has 6 axes in total, 2-axis drills on the vertical head and 2-axis drills each on the right and left heads, and is designed exclusively for drilling H-shape steels. For material feeding, AMADA MACHINE TOOLS’ proprietary carriage yields high speed travel and positioning.



Better work environment

  • The installation location of a pendant type operation panel can be selected from either right or left side of the machine, which gives flexibility of operator’s operation position.
  • The chip conveyor included as standard equipment also gives selectivity of chip ejection location from either right or left side.
    (As selected in your order)
  • The automatic chip remover (optional) removes chips on the web.

Stable drilling

  • The thrust block and the upper clamper prevent warp during web processing and during flange drilling respectively, which leads to stable drilling and prevents drill damage. Heavy-duty cutting is also practicable. In combination with individual head spindle marking functions, the built-in lower marking function allows for four-face marking on the beams and other similar materials, which reduces scribing work in the next process.
  • Material : SS400 / H700 x 300 x 13/24 mm

Variation of series

  • 1300 mm width type
  • Carbide tipped drill type
  • Combination line type



Processing capacity H-shape steel size (mm) Web width 148 - 1025
Flange height 75 - 500
Web thickness 4.5 - 30
Flange thickness 7 - 50
Hole diameter (mm) Joint hole φ14.5 - 32
Middle hole φ14 - 50
Number of spindle axes 7 (2 each on vertical, right and left and 1 for ATC)
Motor (kW) Spindle drive 7.5 (1 each on vertical, right and left)
Hydraulic pump 3.7
Coolant pump 0.75
Power requirement (kVA) 52
Machine dimensions (W x L x H) (mm) 4927 x 2288 x 2713
(not including carriage)
Mass of machine (kg) 8500
(not including carriage)



  • Chip remover
  • White paint marker

Service products

These specifications and machinery and equipment appearance are subject to change without notice for reason of improvement.
This products is for Japan domestic market.

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